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Set a course that will ensure you learn something new. Your ability to express the way you feel will attract someone's attention. They will make worthwhile suggestions that will lead you to success. Believe in your abilities. ★★★

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China's Shenzhou-8 unmanned spacecraft re-docked successfully with the Tiangong-1, a module of the country's planned space lab, Monday evening, according to the mission's control center.

Thailand holds rates

A case in point is Shanghai’s IKEA store which has become the unlikely stomping ground for seniors on the hunt. Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon the store’s cafeteria, which serves free coffee, attracts swarms of the grey-haired singles set.

Shim Jae-chul

@CalvinYan_Twitter: Jeremy Lin is another Chinese person making astonishing achievements in the NBA since Yao Ming.

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Al-Qaida militant group in Iraq on Wednesday claimed responsibility for a spate of deadly bomb attacks across Iraq Tuesday which killed and wounded more than 250.

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Xu Jianyi 重点:Chuan Yin

Tasty treats

The government is not listening to the cries of families of people who have died in fighting corruption. The government has become insensitive and has not even probed the killings, the 74- year-old Gandhian said in the national capital.

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The rural governments can establish boarding schools to facilitate communication between left-behind children and their parents, as well as offer medical guidance to ensure they are sound in mind and body, said Zhang Xuying.

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Inner Nature

The Bruegel print shows travelers in a rocky landscape. It's hung next to a peaceful mountain scene painted by Song Dynasty artist Ma Yuan. Professor Stone says he wants to show the similarity of detail between western and Chinese art.

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